forgive me for not following back, but the voices say not to.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve thought a lot about posting this comment. I read a couple of your stories last night and you blew me away. There are a lot of talented writers on WP and you are way up there. It was a real pleasure to read your stuff, and it was a close run thing as to whether I noticed your post or not. I was surfing through the ‘fiction’ section and only really paying attention if the post got around 10 likes or more. Yours didn’t but your first couple of lines were good and I gotta thing about opening lines, so I had a look…… a lot of words and I was tired but I did not want to stop once I got going. It’s the next morning and I just read it to the missus and she laughed in all the right places.
    So here’s the thing. You are heaps better than just about everybody here and you’ve been at it for a while so how come you don’t have an army of people hanging on your next post?
    You can see why I hesitated making this comment…….. it sounds like a put down but believe me it isn’t.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments.

      I have very few followers and comments because I don’t follow others or comment on their work. This is actually the first time I’ve replied to a comment. I’m not very good at the social part of social media.

      1. I thought that might be it………. if it does not worry you then leave it as it is.
        Personally, if I could write like you do I would like every mother on the planet to know it, but that’s me, and I live on the other side of the world and I dislike travel so there is NO CHANCE that you will ever run into me.
        Do what you gotta do but please don’t stop writing those excellent stories.
        WP ain’t like FB, trust me….. at least the part I inhabit isn’t.
        Be well and don’t forget to be awesome.

  2. And you should always listen to the voices… Terry sent me over. He says you are a fine fine writer. I think I am an okay writer but always looking for people who can spin fiction. Pleased to meet you.

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