starry out tonight, them
rolling by falling off a cliff edge somewhere
you don’t hear about the Italians I grew up with anymore
how the grapes on their father’s backyard vines
looked frosty even in the summertime
Angelo was a high school tough guy
one Christmas his father gave him a black eye
to match his mother’s, his
brother Tony graduated at age 16
we all watched the starry night some nights
I got kicked out of school in grade 8 &
did some crime
small things judges & jails
turned out I heard voices
there I was one night surrounded by cops
guys I knew who with their gutter grubby hands
liked to go through my pockets
they held their long black flashlights like cavemen
I waited for one to say “Ugh!”
this was gonna hurt no matter what, so
I went at the big one, the
grinning monster with murder on his Craven A lips &
starry out that night








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