the Sluggo riot

by dm gillis

a melancholy proletarian romp

lost ironies

Ovaltine Café, 9.30 a.m.

“Ha!” said Ethan Liss from behind his copy of the Vancouver Sun. “I love this Nancy comic strip. That chubby little kid really cracks me up.” The corner of his newspaper drooped as he reached for his coffee.

“I prefer Dilbert,” said David Okin, from behind his copy of the Province. “It’s sort of insipid in a postmodernistic sense, but at least it’s got an underlying message. At least it hints at the problem of expressing objective truth against a global narrative that instructs a chauvinistic planetary peonism, emphasising a manufactured need to surrender to corporate and political ideologies that strip the individual of the right to independent thought and problematises the achievements of the collective – and I liked the art.”

“Well,” said Liss, “I really like how that Nancy kid gives that Sluggo Smith character a run for his money.”

“Oh man,” Okin said. “Don’t…

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