a Vancouver moment

by dm gillis

“Oh Bjorn,” asked Winola, “what ever will become of us?” .

“Don’t worry, Doll Face,” Bjorn said. “This town has never seen a Finnish tap dancer like me. I’ll take this city by storm.”

“But, Bjorn…,” Winola said, with a hopeless whimper.

“What is it Sweet Cheeks?”

“People in Vancouver hate Finnish tap dancing.”

“Then I may have to rely on ventriloquism, Cupcake,” said Bjorn. “Come on over and sit on my knee and only move your lips when I speak, Kitten Whiskers.”

“What a wonderful idea,” Winola said. “The world will be our oyster.”

“That’s right, boo-boo-blossom!”

“But Bjorn?”

“Yeah, Sugar Britches?”

“Would you please just call me by my real name?”

“Certainly, Love Chicken, but what the hell is your real name?”