the water in my California lettuce

the water in my California lettuce
is time sucked from an aquafer
that lay undiscovered
through all ages but man’s

it was harvested by poverty-paid workers
who keep a version of economy breathing
& though it was trucked to my grocer
by way of rubber, steel & diesel
it is leafy & tender
& goes well with tomato & avocado
each also of fatal origin, but
delicious when partnered
with a balsamic/virgin olive
oil vinaigrette

these thoughts cause dinner
slightly to wilt
which adding capers &
cooled steamed asparagus
does not help

opening for more
my refrigerator door
I see a planet cowering
next to the apples







3 thoughts on “the water in my California lettuce

  1. How are you not a famous poet, man? (I use the word ‘man’ generically, don’t know or care what your gender is). I feel when you write that I see what you are seeing. I’m also a heavy environmentalist, so this just sings to me. A planet cowering next to the apples… that is such an image.

    1. sanity isn’t necessary for fame, but it helps, and I ain’t got none. so, I scribble and stay on my meds.

      thanks for all of your kind words, comments are rare and welcome.

      1. Yeah I know… blogland doesn’t support real writing all that much, but your stuff is arms and legs above the majority of the stuff here, and I hope that’s recognized. Stay on the meds, my friend, and be well.

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