psychosis poem




who is this?

(long pause, dim static, extinct conversations)

I’m a secret

you sound like a wire in the wind

creepy, isn’t it

why are you calling?

because it’s raining

(someone shouting, far away)

I’m hanging up

you’re not on the telephone

you’re not real

but there ain’t no pill for me, baby
I’m moving in

(what to say?)

then you’ll have to take the couch


but what will I tell people—
this time

(more wire in the wind)

that you’re the solar wind
you’re the aurora borealis
that you’re a goddamn alien invasion can I get a hallelujah?

looking out the window
at the rain)




2 thoughts on “psychosis poem

  1. That was just such a pleasure to read. It’s really amazing what you do with words, even when there aren’t many of them, and they’re a bit crazy – they still make sense, and they still make a world.

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