the semicolon smile

choose your despot, any one you like
and ask yourself this:
what if he had received
a semicolon smile
in an email on a gloomy day
as he ran his sweaty hands flat
across mountain ranges, oceans and cities –
and yet to be deluded minds

just dropping you a line to say Hi , you nutty fascist, you ;-)

 hope your war crimes, evil deceits and
illegal acquisition of wealth are going well –
oh, and the torture of dissidents

 hope your paranoia and self-loathing
aren’t tearing you to pieces
and nightmares of your parents
with their blame assigning eyes
don’t wake you raving in the night

don’t let your morbid narcissism
lead you to self-harm

have a nice day, Tootsy ;-)

would a ;-) have eased his megalomaniac mind
or would he have hung QWERTY from a tree
and blitzed the winking world?


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