the dust bunny dark

I have stopped believing
that Edvard Munch &
Friedrich Nietzsche
live behind my refrigerator
whispering Übermensch
in the dim Plasticine shades
of the dust bunny dark

Edvard planning to paint me
sneakily grim
at the Cuisinart with celery sticks
Friedrich leaving his Superman
in the crisper with the cranberries
and all of the degenerate onions

psychiatry has won
I have stopped believing
& am wicked alone once more


2 thoughts on “the dust bunny dark

  1. you got me thinking [as you always do]……about dreams that are stolen away by others and who might be behind my fridge…… I was hoping for Hemingway, but the space is too small and in any case, I think I prefer Maugham, particularly since I started using a razor instead of electric…….if you could choose, who would you have?

    1. I have pondered your question, and have no answer right now. Perhaps I’m over medicated, or under. Maugham is a good choice on your part — excellent story teller, good work ethic and a sad sort of irony.

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