cheap sherry on the corner

by dm gillis

the universe knew it
it was only as good as its last big bang
and how many of those can you shoehorn in?
maybe one good one into the vacant room of forever
then what’s left?
belching nebula on the corner
and evermore bumming change

before there was physics, the universe says
over a bottle of salty sherry
when I was just an infinitely dense nugget
the size of a Subaru
there was already lasciviousness, the
first noble property of the cosmos
and I sinned

now no lunatic Pentecostal soup line preacher
can change a bit of it, no
cancan in the pews with my face turned to heaven
because I am heaven, after all
there’s only looking into the mirror left
and there I see the horrifying allness of me, the
antiquarks in my eyes and
the 1024 in my teeth