this dark of yours
is a fossil in the strata
touch it and taste your fingers, your
tongue will measure its temper
and you will have conducted an experiment
a weak lightless wind on your white lips
the taste of internment, of
embarkation, of
children in the wire, this
dark was a species


3 thoughts on “dark

    1. I believe that is a compliment. thank you. the challenge for the writer is recognising the line between evoking ‘disquieted and feeling very alone’ and just being maudlin and depressing. and the writer always has self-doubt in that regard, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. thanks again.

      1. That is a compliment for sure. The goal of writing is to evoke some kind of feeling, I think, not matter what that may be.

        Isn’t self-doubt the hallmark of writing, the thing that pushes you forward? It does for me. I feel totally insecure about every word. That doesn’t stop me from pushing dribble on the masses, of course.

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