on turning 54

perhaps I’ll find an unfound synonym for the past

a word the Mayans never chiseled into stone
or placed in a pyramid they abandoned
a word you have to take a number to see
a word without syllables that
cannot be calligraphised or
rest on the tip of your tongue

one you will say is not the word you’ve been looking for

a name for those who have arrived without forgetting
their ear against a flimsy wall
that keeps their occult absolute
and their secrets from spilling onto the floor


2 thoughts on “on turning 54

  1. Many years ago, while visiting the son who no longer talks to me, I found a badge in a shop that said “I’m 55” which i was at the time. Every year on my birthday, I wear it, which confuses the fuck out of people….. which i enjoy…. I’m turning 65 in a few months and I’m dusting off the badge!

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