soft tacos

she was an international spy
and a secretarial school graduate!
getting lunch in the rain with a
novel in her hand
Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov
in line with her for soft tacos

the veggie ones with green salsa
that when viewed on angle, before one bites in
could be the rolling hills of steamy rainforests
where dinosaurs once pondered
in their way

there’s a river that runs through a valley
carrying the planets abroad
and the Milky Way so
the National Geographic is wrong
NASA’s a fraud and
telescopes are just kaleidoscopes
with phony pedigrees

and when looking into the sky at night
one only sees hanging lightbulbs
over the backdoor stoops of creation
where archangels roll cigarettes and
gossip while on their breaks


4 thoughts on “soft tacos

      1. possibly, but certainly a strange friend who disguises herself as a jumble of words designed to make me want to stick my head into a fan……… but……..occasionally……along comes someone such as yourself who makes me want to remove my head from the fan, and read some more.

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