the killer

by dm gillis

the killer wept at the wheel
she wanted to navigate by the moon
but the highway followed a river
dividing mountains
an American highway
fast food like faith and Bible billboards
drive-thru in remembrance of me

she was a last item on many lists
changing by the minute
except for her
she cursed the rental
for the absence of an ashtray
while above her was
a warehouse of planets
each foolish for its own vector
if a planet can’t be wise
then who can

late night radio was conspiracy and
evangelical anxiety
a second amendment confused and
cocking its weapon in shapeless temper
a nation eating hotdogs and
standing its ground
no one leaving the lobby alive
as long as there’s something to prove

the killer left bodies behind
she sees their eyes and
tunes the radio
how they changed the
surprise in their weird hush

she shifts in her seat
there were rest stops and roadhouses
exits to recession
patriots and poverty
in the houses of the zodiac