here we will build apartments
memory wheels turning
like engines the
windows of small faces
working at tables on
rainy days on
grand things the
work of evidence
a friend come to say she’s
left a hateful lover
here will be built room next to room of
songs written in youth &
wept over when
later they are found by aging eyes
on a day when the sun visits
briefly the planet at a sad angle
here we will build hallways from disaster
to deep sounding melancholy
where the fine wrecks rest and catch the floss of
blindly launched loves
in the currents now lost
like ghosts
here will be built days with
stone & mortar
of loss lined between
memorial & surrender
here will be written names


6 thoughts on “october

  1. Would a “sad angle” be measured from the horizon and then up, or from top dead center and down?
    Easy to picture a sad angle as being low, but in the movie “High Noon”, it was fairly sad and grim at midday
    And really, does the sad angle affect Climate Change at all?

    No rush, I don’t need to now right away

  2. Oh, please, a day without poetry is the same as a day without pharmaceutical grade LSD, you can do it, but the colors aren’t as bright and shiny and dancing all over the place……….. ..whoa nice horsey……..

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