go tell your moons

once whispered on the road
that ended in the park
swallows & bats like kamikazes
against the blue orange dusk

tell your moons about poetry
there is patience in their orbit
conflicting with horizons
in their asteroid longing
fragile in the grip of burdens
eclipses & our dreams
trading our selves for gravity
now missing in our jeans

as we sleep upon this lumpy verse
there are stanzas collapsing


2 thoughts on “go tell your moons

  1. I have conflicted with the horizon from time to time, myself, and then collapsed like the above mentioned stanza.
    Or did I wake up in the back seat of a Nissan Stanza?…that collapsed.
    Or…usually I can’t stanza poetry…but that was worthy.

    I had a point to make when I started out. It’s here somewhere.

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