where clocks reign time part 3.1

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I’ve written part 3.1 of where clocks reign time to add context to a TV pilot script based on the story. If you’re a Trudy Parr fan, and I know many of you are, this will definitely be your cup of tea. If you’ve never met Trudy Parr, then now’s your chance.
          In this part of the story, we find Crispin Dench and Trudy Parr in the Rothschild Mansion in 1943 Paris. They are masquerading as a SS Officer and his date attending a Christmas Party, hoping to get to the secret behind Operation Time Clock and eliminate it. This is where Trudy Parr almost assassinates the antagonist, Hansel Orav, with her trademark straight razor, and thereby sets the tone for their feature engagements. 

Rothschild Mansion, Paris 1943

Crispin Dench and Trudy Parr followed the small group of seven down a dark staircase and into the cellar of the mansion.

“When the shit starts,” Trudy Parr whispered to Dench on the stairs, “that fat fuck is mine.”

Orav led the group through a large reinforced blast door and into the laboratory. The light inside was bright white and all of the surfaces were spotlessly hygienic.

“This is the centre of our little universe,” Orav said with a sweeping gesture. “Here we are endeavouring to use our greatest enemy’s own tricks against him.”

“What does that mean?” an officer in the group asked.

“The Jews have their own magic,” Orav said. “It’s wicked and unclean, but it’s effective. And we have tapped into it.” He walked over to a tall stainless steel closet and opened the door. Inside stood a tall man-like figure made of what looked like clay. It was broad shouldered and nearly seven feet tall, and it had long cruel claws on both of its hands.

“A statue?” said another voice in the small group.

“A golem,” said Orav.

“Does Herr Hitler know about this,” asked the officer.

“To this point,” Orav said, “it has been a ‘need to know’ affair. Recent advances ensuring the projects success, however, have changed that. Hence your presence here. We are now in the process of informing the upper echelon.”

Having said this, Orav clapped his hands twice and the golem opened its eyes. There were gasps of surprise in the crowd. One woman fainted and nearly fell to the floor as the military men reached for their side arms. Trudy Parr undid the clasp on her bag.

“Golem,” Orav snapped. “Step out.”

The golem obeyed and stepped out of its container.

“Virtually indestructible,” Orav said addressing the group. “And completely obedient. Imagine sending our troops home and letting an army of these fight our enemies and conquer the world.”

Dench and Trudy Parr’s eyes met and a silent message passed between them. Dench reached into his tunic and pulled out a Walther PPK with a silencer. He stepped back from the crowd and began firing well aimed headshots. There was quiet confusion as the group began to die and fall to the floor. Trudy Parr pulled a straight razor from her bag and went for Orav.

Orav saw her coming but was as surprised by the unfolding events as everyone else. He reached for his Luger, but not fast enough. Trudy Parr slashed his throat and blood splattered on the walls and floor, but it wasn’t a killing wound.

“Bitch!” he coughed wide eyed, holding his hands to his throat.

“I ain’t done yet, you filthy Nazi bastard,” she said and lunged at him, but the golem pushed her away. Orav turned and made for the back of the lab, exiting through a sliding door. He trailed blood all of the way.

Dench dropped an empty magazine, reloaded and fired on the golem. The bullets merely passed through it.

“Stop,” said Trudy Parr. “You can’t kill it.”

“Then I’ll fucking die trying,” said Dench.

“No,” said Trudy Parr, looking at the thing inscrutably. She still held the straight razor, dripping Orav’s blood. It was a bizarre scene, but she’d comprehended something in that moment that only she could.. “It’s blameless,” she said. “Orav’s the bad guy, the one who pulls all the strings. There’s always some prick in the dark, pulling strings.”

Dench relented. “It’s a killer, Trudy.”

“I guess it is. We have that in common, don’t we. But it was conjured up by a maniac. I don’t know how I know it, but I know it’s innocent. That’s how it is, right?” She said this stepping up to the golem.

“Fuck, Trudy,” Dench said. “Back off. It’ll tear you apart.”

“No it won’t,” Trudy Parr said, reaching out to it. The golem stood perfectly still and looked back at her. “You don’t want to. Do you?”

“Then let’s get the hell outta here,” Dench said. “By now Orav’ll have the whole German army coming down on us.”

They looked around for an exit. Going back up the stairs didn’t seem smart.

“I don’t see a safe exit,” Dench said.

“How do we escape this place?” Trudy Parr said the golem.

“Try that,” the golem said, slurring its words. It pointed a clawed finger at the sliding door Orav had used.

Dench looked at Trudy Parr and shrugged. “Why the hell not?”

They exited through the sliding door, leaving the golem standing in the lab. It watched them leave and then closed its eyes.


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