a letter to the Canada Revenue Agency

March 26, 2013

A Richer
Outaouais Office – ARGP
1100 Maloney West Boulevard
Gatineau QC K1A 1L4

Re: *** *** *** ** – *****

Dear A Richer,

Thank you for your letter of March 18, 2013 reminding me that I owe Human Resources and Skills Development Canada $****. I think that sometime around February 10, 2013, I actually forgot about this outstanding debt for about 30 seconds. Your letter will aid me greatly in avoiding any unforgivable future lapses.

In your letter, you say that I did not submit requested records within the 30-day time frame. I can assure you that I did.

One record requested of me by your office was my last Notice of Assessment. That, as it turned out, was for 20**. I did not have it. So, your office being the sole issuer of that document, I called CRA and had it mail to me so I could immediately mail it back, which I did. The other request made by you was for me to mail you my completed 20** income tax forms. That I also did.

Your letter goes on to say that since I didn’t provided these documents within the 30-day time frame, which I in fact did, my request for “hardship” has been closed. Active recovery will resume on my account.

Well, let me invite you to actively resume recovery of the debt I owe HRSDC. I currently receive a provincial disability benefits allowance of $*** a month, most of which goes toward rent and utilities. I can only afford to eat between one and two meals a day, and haven’t purchased a new pair of socks in four years. I would like to have a job, and earn a living wage so I could pay my debts. I would like to live in a country that offers people with disabilities a hand up into meaningful employment. But I don’t live in that country. I live in Canada, where people with disabilities are shunned, stigmatised and warehoused, and forced to live in poverty.

So come and get me, A Richer. You know what I earn and where I live. I’ve lived here for seventeen years. Or freeze my bank account, you’ve done that before. That way I won’t be able to pay rent, and I’ll lose my housing.

I’m sure Canada will stand up and applaud your diligence in pursuing your “responsibility for collecting” the debt of a filthy deadbeat like me.

Have a nice day.


dm gillis


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